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MarshAnne Landing Winery presents 2019 Concert Series



Saturday, august 3, 2019

@ 7:30 pm

colin Ross Returns

Colin Ross is a great jazz performer, multi-instrumentalist with deep American roots.

Monday, august 12, 2019

@ 7:30 pm

Andrei Andreev in concert

Andrei Ivanovich Andreev’s American premier performance of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 32 sets the stage for an amazing evening of piano performance at its finest! No.32 is the last of Beethoven’s piano sonatas and was written while he was deaf. It has been described as a work of “unmatched drama and transcendence”. . Other sonatas will be performed as well. Come share this breathtaking event!


@ 7:30 pm

Tom bergeron Brasil Band

Let’s go to Rio and listen to the band play an eclectic range of Brazilian styles including virtuoso instrumentals chora, romantic samba, sultry basso nova, and shake your booty style!

Friday, september 13, 2019

@ 7:30 pm

Siri Vik !

The incomparable talents of vocalist Siri Vik will be on display when she performs some of the best works of composer Kurt Weill and playwright Bertolt Brecht. Joined by accompanist Natalie Fortin, the duo shares works from the Three Penny Opera and a condensed version of the Seven Deadly Sins which premiered in Paris in 1933,

saturday, october 12, 2019

@ 7:00 pm

sergei and nati

Accordion-Violin duo is an exciting collaboration between world renown musicians from Russia and the US. Performance will feature classical, jazz, tango and pop music

Advanced reservations $50, appetizers included.  541-459-7998