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Greg and Fran Cramer






Serving "out of this world wines" since 2001

Welcome to MarshAnne Landing, a small family-run winery and vineyard located in the heart of the Umpqua Valley in southern Oregon, just 2 hours from Crater Lake and 20 minutes north of Roseburg and just 3 miles off I-5. We are one of the vineyards/wineries in the Umpqua Valley that are Stem-to-Stem operations.  We grow all of our own grapes in our 17 acre vineyard and only produce estate wine.  Our goal is to produce food-friendly "out of this world" wines from grapes traditionally grown in the Rhone and Bordeaux regions of France. Syrah, Grenache, Viognier, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, Mourvedre, and Cabernet Franc have all been given a home in our beautiful vineyard located at the site of a former stagecoach stop in the rolling hills north of Roseburg, Oregon.

About US

Our venture began in 1996 with the purchase of a cattle ranch in the Umpqua Valley, a region similar to the Rhone Valley, lying just to the south of Oregon’s Burgundy, the Willamette Valley.  In the spring of 1999 12,000 grafted vines representing 10 varieties of grapes were delivered to our “planting party”, 17 friends who came from across the country to help us launch our dreams.  After just 4 days, lots of beer and wine, extensive time in the hot tub, our crew had planted 14 miles of vineyard rows!  We were all left with a great appreciation of our friendship and a big clue about the underappreciated effort it takes to produce wine.  And that was just the beginning of that lesson.

About our name

MarshAnne Landing’s name, a not so subtle connection to Martian Landing and flying saucers, is purely intentional.  We want wine drinking to be a fun integral part of your dining experience event if you are visiting from planets afar.  The name however has far deeper and personal origins.  MarshAnne unites Greg and Fran’s middle names, maternal family names dating from before the American Revolution.  The name also sounds like the famed Marsanne grape grown in the Rhone Valley of France.  Our “landing” in Oregon (coming from our home in the Washington DC area) was a consequence of fulfilling Greg’s dad’sbucket  list to climb Mt. Hood with his 3 sons.  Both his parents had been mountain climbers here in Oregon.  The reunion of family members and journey to see sunrise from the top of Mt. Hood on the 4th of July of 1995 left Greg and Fran with a life changing appreciation of Oregon’s beauty and it’s opportunities.

Great Winemaking

Great winemaking starts in the vineyard.   All of the grapes used for winemaking at MarshAnne Landing come from our dry farmed estate vineyard. Warm days, cool nights, shallow soils, a well-managed vertical shoot positioned (VSP) canopy, and limited yields all contribute to the "out of this world" character of MarshAnne Landing wines. The remarkable climate and terrain found in the Umpqua Valley make this area especially well suited for producing world-class wines.

MarshAnne Vineyard currently has seventeen acres of grapes under cultivation. Most of the vineyard was planted on grafted rootstock in 1999. Drip irrigation was used to establish the vineyard. The vineyard has been farmed without irrigation since 2002.  Clean cultivation during the growing season has made the vineyard stronger and relatively drought tolerant.



Hand harvesting of grapes typically begins at daybreak in glorious sunshine the last week of September and continues for nearly a month. Following destemming, the grapes are fermented in open-top fermenters. Pre-fermentation maceration and daily punch down during fermentation contribute color, fruit, and richness to the wines before they are aged in small oak barrels prior to blending and bottling. Because the wines are bottled unfiltered and unfined and may form sediment, decanting is recommended.